Multiple Manufacturing Solutions


Learn how PowerShop ERP'S ™ multiple manufacturing environments give you the ability to create product, control inventory and capture costs no matter how you create your products.

Increase Productivity

Ability to immediately update production schedules

Improve capacity planning

Real-time receiving and order entry updates

Easily track product through the manufacturing cycle



Reduce Cost

Lower inventory carrying costs

Lower accounting bills due to fewer errors

Time savings in engineering, planning, and costing

Earlier identification of product manufacturing issues

Increase bid competitiveness through pricing accuracy

Quicker month-end closings

Improved supplier selection based on data-driven performance ratings

Cost savings from overall equipment effectiveness improvements

Improved customer service via access to full account details



Benefits of PowerShop ERP™

No matter what your processes look like, PowerShop ERP™ can track production, costs and locations of all of your products.

Even at outside vendors.

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