Products and Engineering

Your single source for production planning and execution


Access to real time data ensures that production processes are consistent and repeatable, driving your business's engineering, and production to greater productivity and profits. Products and Engineering works with "Production" to fully integrate all of your processes and production.


 Plan Production

 Determine Material Requirements

 Create the Master Production Schedule

 Schedule Machines

 Tooling & Other Resources

 Process All Production Jobs

 Bill of Material

 Master Production Scheduling

 Mixed Mode Manufacturing

 Finite, Infinite, Forward and Backward Loading.

 Overlap and Optimize Methods

 What-if Scheduling

 Capacity Planning

 Rough Cut Capacity Planning

 Outside Processing

 Back flush or Material Issue

 Job Tracking and Costing

 Work Center Costing

 Bill of Material

 Standard Flow Router

 Routing on the fly

 Tooling Scheduling

 Labor, Machine, Work Center Utilization and Efficiency Reporting


PowerShop ERP™ supports production, engineering and alternate Bill Of Material planning (BOM). It also offers visual BOM with drag & drop technology and traditional BOM planning when creating a manufacturing router.




Work Cell and Machine Level Production Scheduling




  Supports production, alternate, and estimating manufacturing routers.

  Each router offers the ability to define your...


  Primary and Alternate Work Center


  Manufacturing Operations

  Throughput Calculations Specific to Each Product Manufactured


Mixed Mode Manufacturing


PowerShop ERP™  software supports mixed mode, repetitive, and discrete manufacturing technology. This unique ability allows you to schedule and report production by part number with or without a work order and to intermix these technologies as desired.


Bar Code Labeling


PowerShop ERP™  includes a fully integrated serialized bar code labeling software module to print on-demand...



  finished goods


...customer specific shipping labels.

All labels are printed on-demand, serialized, date & time stamped, and are integrated with the receiving, shipping, inventory control, and shop floor data collection software applications.



MPS (Master Production Scheduling)


PowerShop ERP™s   APS Master Production Scheduling system considers all significant demands and replenishments that are identified for production and translates those demands into a supply demand schedule for manufacturing.

In addition, it supports both finite and infinite loading, tooling, family part, and other user defined attribute scheduling.


MRP (Material Requirements Planning)


PowerShop ERP'S™   MRP module is fully integrated with the APS Scheduling Module offering the ability to calculate material requirements, and automatically create your master production schedule and purchase orders from MRP.


Job Estimating


PowerShop ERP™ includes a fully integrated Estimating & Quoting module. The Cost Estimating Module offers the ability to create a bill of material (BOM) and router for a potential new, current job or part to calculate the cost of manufacturing. The cost estimating software also offers the ability to copy an estimate, BOM, or router to create a new estimate.


Standard and Actual Costing


PowerShop ERP™ includes the unique ability to setup a tooling table or database to identify the tooling relationship for each part, the number of parts produced with a specific tool and the ability to include family tool attribute scheduling methodologies with your master production schedule.


Machine Maintenance

  Provides the ability to track machine maintenance intervals and be notified when a machine requires maintenance.



Shop Floor Data Collection


  Report Material Issues


  Run Time

  Down Time

  Scrap & Quality

  Labor for Each Production Run or Job


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