Purchasing and Vendors

  The PowerShop ERP™ Purchasing System offers complete visibility of all purchase requirements and demands offering complete knowledge of what to buy, when to buy, how much to buy from each supplier in real-time, and includes a fully integrated purchase requisition and approval system, offering the ability to route, approve, and automatically convert purchase requisitions into a purchase order.



Complete Visibility of All Purchase Requirements & Demands


The PowerShop ERP™  purchasing system captures all purchasing transactions once a purchase order has been created and issued. The purchasing system is tightly integrated with all PowerShop ERP™   modules including the receiving dock, manufacturing, and the accounts payable system to track cost, receipts, and vendor performance.




  Fully Integrated

  Easy To Use


  Offers Integrated Report Writer

  Extensive Notes & Comments

  Bar Code Scanning at Receiving

  Supports Blanket, Normal, and Partial Purchase Orders.

  Offers Fax, Email, and EDI Processing.

  Purchase Requisition, Routing and Approval System

  Integrated with Inventory, Receiving and Accounts Payable.

  Laser User Defined Forms Design

  On-Line Inquiry of Open Purchase Orders, Purchase History, Receipts, and Past Due Conditions.

  Automatic Purchase Orders Processing from MRP

  Supports Multiple Companies and Plants.

  Supports Multiple Releases and Receipts.

  Provides Vendor Performance Analysis.

  Offers Quality Alert for Incoming Material Inspection.

  Track Vendor Outside Services and Operations.

  Integrated Lot Tracking at Receiving.

  Blanket or Spot Buy Orders

  Unlimited Line Items

  Extensive Notes

  Requisition and Approval System

  Fax E-mail, EDI & Internet

  Receiving Dock





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