Production - Shop Floor

Control all aspects of production in real time

The PowerShop ERP™  Shop Floor Data Collection system offers numerous simple to use, real-time data collection technologies, specifically designed to report material issues, production, run time, down time, scrap, quality, and labor for each job or production run.




Data Collection


Shop Floor Data and Inspection Data input -- For Real-time Accurate Reporting


Operators can input production and inspection data from a single place.

Shop Floor Production and Inspection Reporting can be performed as a front office activity, or on the shop floor as the event occurs in a real time reporting environment.


Know what is being produced and what the quality status is as the job runs.


The  PowerShop ERP™ Shop Floor Data Collection system also offers a proactive approach to alert you of late job, tooling shortages, and material shortage conditions in advance of the event.


The  PowerShop ERP™ Shop Floor Data Collection system includes the following data collection technologies:

  Touch Screen Technology

  Light-Pen Touch Screen Technology

  Bar code label scanning

  Wireless Technologies

  RF (radio frequency) scanning

  Digital scale interfacing

  On Demand Bar Code Labeling

  Direct Connect Machine Monitoring


Document Control


The  PowerShop ERP™ Floor Data Collection system offers a paperless data collection methodology or the ability to combine and print work orders or manufacturing orders with...

  the routing

  bill of materials

  work instructions


  and the ISO and QS9000 documented procedure inspection instructions


...for each production run or job as desired.


Work Flow Control


The  PowerShop ERP™ Shop Floor Data Collection system also offers a forced processing discipline with embedded supervisory control at the operator level with complete visibility of completed operations, current status, and all operations which need to be completed.


As a result, when production is reported on the shop floor,  PowerShop ERP™ Shop Floor Data Collection will automatically:

  print an on-demand bar code label

  update the inventory control module for quantities and valuation

  update costing

  recalculate the balance of run time

  automatically update the master production scheduling module


What's more, the system combines multiple reporting activities with one simple entry.


PowerShop ERP™  Shop Floor Data Collection is...



  Embedded Supervisory Control

  Effective All the time




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