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MSI International


   MSI International was created by founders who spent years working and managing manufacturing companies. After identifying the limitations of  available manufacturing software systems and lack of real time information, the founders were determined to create a company & a integrated manufacturing software system that offered a greater level of flexibility & better served its customer’s needs.


   The software needed to satisfy a multitude of manufacturing environments, including make to order, make to stock, discrete & repetitive manufacturing. The software needed to be flexible in order to satisfy customer specific requirements and embrace the most advanced software technology. And the company needed to be honest, knowledgable, offer the professional services and advice needed for each customer to use the software, improve their business processes & receive the best possible customer service. That company is MSI International.


   These fundamental principles resulted in the creation of the  PowerShop ERP™ Software. The  PowerShop ERP™ software was released in 1994 as one of the first Windows compliant visual ERP software solutions available to manufacturers at that time. The  PowerShop ERP™ software was specifically designed to decrease inventory, increase  throughput, and reduce operational expense.  PowerShop ERP™ is a fully integrated ERP solution offering a suite of financial accounting, distribution and manufacturing system software. In addition,  PowerShop ERP™ is designed to satisfy ISO/TS compliance in areas of inventory control, lot control, document control, quality control, ECN control and continuous improvement.  PowerShop ERP™ offers the right recipe of functionality, technology, flexibility, and knowledgeable professional services to achieve the desired result for each client.


   The  PowerShop ERP™ software is an advanced “object” technology enterprise resource planning system solution, designed for the make to order, make to stock, repetitive, process, discrete, and mixed mode manufacturing environment.  All transactions are time & date stamped, so nothing gets lost & nothing gets forgotten. Subsequently, PowerShop ERP'S™ unique model offers each client the ability to emulate the natural flow of activities and processes. As a result, you can choose to issue and schedule by work order for discrete jobs, and one time or periodic orders, schedule in a repetitive, or Jit manner by part or item number, or in a hybrid mixed mode environment by intermixing these technologies to better satisfy your needs.





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