Accounting and Financial

Gain a competitive edge with PowerShop ERP'S™ integrated Accounting and Financial software. With real time data, you will know immediately your companies financial status. PowerShop ERP'S™ accurate costing allows you to know and control all of your businesses products and processes.

Less down time

Unlike many ERP Financial software packages, PowerShop ERP™ does not require business processes to stop during month and year end close. Set your month starting date and ending date and PowerShop ERP™ processes your transactions with no delay.

Re-open monthly periods

PowerShop ERP™ allows properly authorized users to reopen a financial period and process any transactions that were missed during the month. If a customers payment comes in late, or an employee forgot to select a transaction for processing, it can be corrected easily. Only for users that have the proper security level.

Process Integration

The PowerShop ERP™  General Ledger System is specifically designed to satisfy the most complex financial reporting requirements of both the single company or multi-company environments. All Accounting processes are fully integrated with all other PowerShop ERP™ modules including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payables, Sales Order, Inventory Control, and Costing.

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