Why is PowerShop ERP™ the right choice for your business

Built for manufacturers that require flexible, integrated ERP systems. PowerShop ERP™ gives you high visibility, real time data and ease of use. Make your business decisions with confidence, control costs and improve productivity. See what PowerShop ERP™ can do for you.


PowerShop ERP™ is a complete, integrated ERP solution. No transferring manufacturing and sales data to a separate financial software package.



PowerShop ERP™ allows you to manufacture your product in many different ways. Make to Order, Make to Stock, Make to Forecast, Repetitive Process and Discrete. As a result, you can choose to issue and schedule by: Work Order for Discrete Jobs, One Time or Periodic Orders, Schedule in a Repetitive Manner by Part or Item Number, Schedule in a  Jit/Kanban Manner by Part or Item Number, Hybrid Mixed Mode Environment by Intermixing these methods.



Flexibility. PowerShop ERP™ can be customized to better fit your actual production methods. If your manufacturing processes do not fit one of the above methods, MSI can customize your Powershop package to better meet your needs.









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